Doxxed Projects

The following list of doxxed projects should not be understood as financial advice. A successful dox includes creator ID verification, face matching aswell as live videocall. Since the overall success of a project includes a variety of factors, please always DYOR.

$Flex Coin ADA

$FLEX is a revolutionary crypto token, soon to be launched on the Cardano Blockchain, dedicated to promoting and empowering a healthy lifestyle for individuals worldwide.

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Cardano CVSR

CVSR brings a new concept of double mint to Cardano never seen before. The project consists of 2 different art collections connected in 1, where holders of each collection will battle the others for the higher floor, which gives them benefits and rewards every month.

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PXLROBOTS revolutionary new NFT project that is creating a job platform, particularly for Cardano users. Our platform is designed to serve as a central location where professionals and businesses will connect and discover new opportunities.
In the case of PXLROBOTS, our NFTs represent ownership of a virtual robot character. These characters are also give you access to certain features on our platform.

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Kangaroo Planet

Kangaroo Planet is an art and utility NFT Project on the Cardano blockchain. Besides trying to bring the purest artwork, they want to provide the community with a 3 WEB space where everyone can exchange and exchange healthy NFT items.

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Afterlife Pals

Afterlife Pals is a project that aims to build a brand through vivid storytelling to achieve real-world utilities. We want to be the bridge between web 3 and irl through the use of our ecosystem.

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